Our firm does Estate and Business Planning for Family Businesses, Affluent Individuals and Financial Institutions.  We use insurance services and products:  Life – Disability – Health – Long Term Care – Annuities.  The David Capital Group, Ltd. is operating in the life insurance and financial services industry.  Federal and state authorities regulate the sale of life insurance and other financial service products.  Our producers are licensed in the following states:  Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma (Resident State), Texas and Wyoming.

Financial Institutions

 Business Owned Life Insurance (BOLI) is an institutionally priced insurance product that is designed to be a long-term asset for financial institutions. It can be purchased for the following reasons:

  • To finance or offset the costs associated with employee compensation and benefit plans.
  • To recover the cost of providing pre- and post- retirement employee benefits.
  • ​Key Person Insurance.

  Bank Owned Life Insurance is a highly effective tool with an estimated $144 Billion of BOLI cash value existing in the marketplace today. Hundreds of community banks, as well as many of the largest financial institutions, have implemented BOLI programs as an alternative revenue or financing strategy. In Oklahoma 59% of domestic banks own $0.955 Billion of BOLI as part of their Tier 1 Capital, with the average bank owning over $7.1 Million.

BOLI Features

  • Increase Bank Earnings
  • Increase Net Income
  • Reduce Taxable Income
  • Increase Dividends or Distributions to Shareholders
  • Increase After Tax Yield on Tier 1 Capital
  • ​Increase Shareholder Value

Your BOLI Resource


   Since 1979, The David Capital Group, Ltd. has provided Bank Owned Life Insurance (BOLI) to Banks. Using BOLI, we increase current earnings and shareholder value to fund employee benefit liabilities, including group medical plans, deferred compensation and supplemental executive retirement plans. We are the only Oklahoma based fiirm capable of plan design, pre-purchase analysis and funding implementation. We help community banks recruit, retain, reward, and retire key personnel and recover the costs to pay them.

Let us show you how to increase Tier 1 capital returns within regulatory guide-lines improving your bottom line.

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